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Home sharing problems since Apple TV update
Community: iCloud on my Mac | Apple Support Commun |   |   4 posts |   Thread info |
Hello everyone; I have a Apple TV 2, an iPhone 4S, an iPad 2 and a Macbook pro 17" on the same iCloud account. Syncing of... data between the computer and two iOS devices has been rock solid. Kudos on this system architecture, it is exactly what... Hello speakerman65, Thanks for using Apple Support Communities. Please follow the troubleshooting steps in the article linked...
User name speakerman65
Internet slowdowns
Basic Internet Connectivity And Modem Help - Comca |   |   5 posts |   Thread info |
1970 00:00:13 6-Notice N/A Cable Modem Reboot due to T4 timeout ;CM-MAC=e4:83:99:59:9f:5f;CMTS-MAC N/A Cable Modem Reboot due to T4 timeout ;CM-MAC=e4:83:99:59:9f:5f;CMTS-MAC=00:00:00:00:00: 00;CM I have a continuing problem with my internet connection slowing down to the point of my getting denial of service errors....
User name DWMac13
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