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What exactly is a refresh signal?
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modem reboot won't cut it. So what exactly is a refresh signal and more importantly, it must When calling via the IVR, one option is to send a refresh signal to your modem. Sometimes I come home and I've dropped down... to <5mbps. I've found by sending a refresh signal to my modem (and rebooting the router), that the speed jumps back...
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Re: Blast slows down to 3-5mbps every night from 8...
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I am on the East Coast, in Connecticut, getting the exact same thing. Here, it is 11PM to 12 -12:30, getting about 3 to 5... 5 MB download, and 8 upload. Maybe it is the Comcast/Xfinity maintenance window??? Makes my job (an IT pro) really frustrating... Check this out for tech help tivity-And/Connection-Troubleshooting-Tips...
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